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Cat cat cat cat catcatcat cat CATS&CATS cat. Cat catly cat cat catting cat cat cat cat cat. Cat cat cat cat 1c6 cat. Cat, cat cat catly cat cats. Cat cat catcatcat. Cat, cat cat cat cat cat! Cat cat cat? Cat cat cat, cat cat catcatcatcatcat cat. Cat cat catable cat cat—cat cat cat CATS&CATS.

CATS&CATS is an experimental and (pretty much) unplayable tabletop roleplaying game experience. The degree of playability depends on the players’ extreme commitment to the premise of the game. It attempts to be a supermegacompletely cutdownuntilthereisactuallyreallynothingleft tabletop rpg, wrapped in a (metaphorical) fuzzy blanket of cat. Why? Because I had yet to find a ttrpg that was cat enough for me and now I want to share my creation with yooouuuuuu~~! Cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat!

This game is very smol (one page), comes with a print-and-fold 1c6, is designed for 0-12 players, and takes approximately 0-8 hours to play.

Funded on Kickstarter

[Length: 2 pages, including character sheet. Print-and-play dice. Cats not included.]


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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CATSnCATS_fullgame_Messy_Print-Actual-Size_DoubleSided-FlipShortEdge.pdf 92 kB

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